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26-Sep-2017 21:32

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There are many different schools of thought as to how to carve and tune guitar braces. In this article, I just want to talk a little about guitar brace construction and a few of the traditional guitar brace patterns.

As I mentioned earlier, acoustic guitar braces walk the fine line between providing much needed support and actually hurting the tone of the instrument.

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Under the X-braces, there are typically two tone bars that help carry the vibrations from the X to the lower portion of the guitar top.

With all of these modern changes to the guitar design, one design continues to be the most popular for it's tonal quality and structural integrity.

X-bracing or the X brace pattern has been around since the 1800s.

Just like the X-brace, it gets its name for obvious reasons.

A ladder bracing pattern usually consists of one thin, wide brace running the joint of the back of the guitar back with three to four cross braces running from bass to treble side. Both fan and lattice bracing patterns are found on classical guitars.Before the 1800s, acoustic guitars only had classical stings often made from animal guts.

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